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Nontraditional approach preserves the integrity of family relationships

Founded in 2003, Tia E. Jensen, P.A. is a law practice dedicated to discreet, dignified, and cost-effective family law services. I put my clients first, offering unbundled legal services so that instead of paying a hefty retainer, you pay only for the work you need me to do. I emphasize alternate forms of dispute resolution, which tend to be far less stressful because they are cooperative rather than confrontational, take less time, and reduce overall costs. These cooperative processes also preserve the integrity of family relationships, which face undue stress in the traditional, adversarial court process. If you’re getting the feeling this is not a traditional law firm, you are correct. I invite you to discover, and benefit from, the difference.

Sarasota attorney with an alternate approach to resolving family law conflicts

My professional and respectful approach to family law is the product of more than 20 years of experience, reflection, and consultation with other lawyers who were also searching for a better way. I strive to offer advantages over the more common adversarial approach to the law, which is often counterproductive in the family law setting. If you are looking for a family law attorney, you’ll find I am:

  • Specially trained — In addition to my experience as a prosecutor in the Office of the State Attorney and my service on the Domestic Violence Task Force, I have special training that allows me to craft creative solutions to complex family law matters. I am a Florida Supreme Court-certified mediator and a qualified parenting coordinator. I am also fully trained as a collaborative divorce lawyer.
  • Client-focused — I have structured my practice to take as much of the anxiety out of the legal process as possible. I strive to deliver value, peace of mind, and positive results to each client I represent.
  • Cost-effective — By allowing clients to pay only for the services they need and by offering low hourly rates, I make high-quality legal services available to people operating on a budget.

When you consult with me for your family law issues, you get my undivided attention and my determination to guide you to a positive outcome.

What are unbundled legal services?

Unbundled or limited-scope legal service means you don’t have to put down a large retainer to get me to work for you. I understand that not everyone can afford to retain an attorney, nor does everyone need comprehensive legal services for their issues. If you only want help with forms, coaching for a court appearance, or an explanation of the law in plain English, I’m happy to assist you for a low hourly rate. I even offer a sliding scale, from $150 to $200 per hour, based on your income and asset levels.

Capable management of a wide variety of family law issues

My family law practice covers a wide array of issues, but I am most often asked to assist with:

  • Divorce — If you need to dissolve your marriage, I can guide you through the process that is most appropriate for your circumstances: litigation of a contested divorce, or reaching a divorce settlement through mediation or the collaborative divorce process.
  • Child support and alimony — Because support issues are so important to your financial security, I take meticulous care to reach results based on complete disclosure of income and assets.
  • Child custody — Generally the most emotionally charged issue for parents, child custody presents challenges during and after divorce. I help parents focus on practical solutions that uphold their parental rights and advance the best interests of their children.
  • Mediation — I act as a third-party mediator for parties engaged in family law conflicts, and counsel clients who are participating in mediation.
  • Property distribution — I protect my clients’ property rights while working toward fair, cost-effective settlements under Florida’s equitable distribution law.
  • Post-divorce modifications and enforcement — If you or your ex has experienced a substantial change in circumstances, or has failed to live up to the terms of your divorce decree, I can provide representation in motions for modification and enforcement.

If you require assistance in another area of family law, let's talk to see how I can help.

Contact a different kind of family law attorney serving Sarasota

Tia E. Jensen, P.A. provides client-centered, cost-effective family law services with an emphasis on alternative dispute resolution. To learn how you can resolve your legal issues in a timely manner with less stress and expense, schedule a free consultation. Call today at 941-330-9600 or contact my Sarasota office online. My office is conveniently located in the Ringling Professional Center, 2831 Ringling Blvd.