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Guardian ad Litem Services

Highly Qualified Family Law Attorney Performs Guardian ad Litem Services in Sarasota

Compassionate representation for children in family law controversies

During a divorce, a child custody dispute, or various other family law conflicts, the parents who are parties to the action generally have legal representation. Their attorneys are charged with protecting their rights and interests. However, in a family dispute, the parents are not the sole consideration, and the rights and interests of the children are too often overlooked. Unfortunately, when children’s needs are neglected, the process can be painful for them and the outcome can be adverse to their best interests. Because I strongly believe that every person affected by a family law dispute should have compassionate and determined representation, Tia E. Jensen, P.A. provides guardian ad litem and attorney ad litem services for children. Trained and experienced, I am prepared to be the voice for your children.

My guardian ad litem qualifications

It’s very important that the person you choose to act as guardian ad litem is qualified by specific training, experience and temperament. In 2014, I completed the 12th Judicial Circuit Family Law Division Guardian Ad Litem Training Program, and in 2017, I took a two-day course in Family Law Guardian Ad Litem Training. As a qualified parenting coordinator for Sarasota and Manatee counties, I am entrusted by the courts to help parents in conflict with all aspects of co-parenting. My experience with children also extends to teaching a morning law class and an English class at Sarasota Military Academy high school. I am also the proud mother of two adult children.

Duties of a guardian ad litem in Florida

A guardian ad litem protects the rights and interests of a minor child who is not technically a party to the case. The duties of the guardian ad litem include:

  • Investigations — I conduct a thorough and focused investigation on all relevant facts impacting the children and present a detailed report to the court.
  • Facilitating — I strive to create a collaborative relationship among all parties so the children’s needs are met.
  • Advocacy — I am the children’s voice in court proceedings and make recommendations to the court on the best interests of the children.
  • Supervision — I observe the performance of parties under court order as well as the delivery of services.

Family law disputes can make children feel isolated and, even worse, guilty about the conflict. A skilled and sensitive guardian ad litem can ease the child’s emotional burden throughout the process.

If a child is a party, I can serve as attorney ad litem, assuming a traditional attorney-client relationship with the child.

Contact a trained and experienced guardian ad litem in Sarasota

When family law disputes arise, the needs of children are easily neglected. This can cause them anguish throughout the process and lead to a poor outcome for them. Tia E. Jensen, P.A. serves as guardian ad litem to advance the best interests of your children. Call today at 941-330-9600 or contact my Sarasota office online to schedule a free consultation. My office is conveniently located in the Ringling Professional Center, 2831 Ringling Blvd.